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About Land Mark Industries, Inc.

LMI is conveniently located in Dearborn, Michigan, and has been a quality certified organization since its first opened in 2020. LMI is a provider of quality and assembly  services to the automotive and other manufacturing industry leaders.  Current automotive customers consist of major first and second tier suppliers to the industry’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).  Our experienced design and operations teams works closely with our customers to tailor productive and efficient solutions to meet stated requirements.

LMI inspection services are comprised of manual and automated processes, dependent on specific part requirements as well as the associated economic factors of the part and/or program.  LMI is currently highly focused on the transition to fully automated inspection of automotive components, utilizing state of the art technologies.

With the growing requirement for high-volume inspections, LMI works with our  customers in developing customized equipment to meet specific part or program needs, while providing overall cost savings .  This type of development is often driven by a manufacturing process capability issue, leading to the need for 100% inspection

CEO and President

With over 25 years of experience working in a variety of industries ,the management experience of our CEO spans positions in manufacturing and packaging, warehousing and logistics; which include work on General Motor’s Fastener Programs. The CEO holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Technology as well as an MBA and PHD in Business Administration, from Davenport University and Capella University, respectively.

Management and Technical Staff

LMI employs a staff of engineers to meet our customer requirements. This staff includes Mechanical, Industrial and Chemical engineers with years of experience working in a variety of manufacturing roles Our group of engineers provides the knowledge and level of service required to design and install robust solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Company Vision

Creating a strategic premier service organization to exceed our customer’s needs by following our L.I.S.T. principles. Listening to our customer’s needs Innovating our customer’s needs with technology and people Supporting our customer’s needs in all aspects Translating our customer’s needs into concrete actions

  • Services Provided
    Manual and Automated Inspection Services
    Manual and Automated Assembly Services
    Sorting Services
    Packaging Services
    Rework Services
    Trucking Services
    Warehousing and Distribution Services
    Kiting Services
    Engineering Services
    Project Management Services