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        A Quality Inspection, Sorting and Assembly Service Company

Land Mark Industries

WELCOME TO LAND MARK INDUSTRIES, INC. LMI Inc. is a World-Class, full-service quality organization providing high precision inspection, light assembly, packaging, warehousing & trucking services to major manufacturing industry leaders.

Professional Inspection & Sorting

Having your final parts professionally inspected by LMI adds a layer of quality control to keep you ahead of your customers concerns. LMI can manage all aspects of outsourced part inspection and provide 24/7 around-the-clock service. Our services include both visual and automated inspection.

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Automated Vision Technology

When a high degree of inspection is necessary, LMI provides state-of-the-art automated vision and laser inspection systems, which incorporate multiple technologies, improve efficiency, and reduce the total cost associated with manual inspection activity.

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Manual & Automated Assembly

At LMI, we are committed to maximizing productivity and efficiency with light assembly. Utilizing the part assembly services of LMI adds a layer of quality control to your own processes. Our combination of both manual and automated assembly ensures a high production output while maintaining superior quality. From Sub Assembly to Final Assembly, all our work is performed in accordance with ISO quality standards.

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Certified Clean Room Services

Using state of the art technology  our certified clean room will meet your highest standards of cleanliness. Operating under strict guidelines our team of experienced professionals will ensure the highest level of cleanliness is maintained at all times.

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Automated Dyeing Service

Designed to optimize the entire dyeing process, our Automated Dyeing system offers the highest levels of throughput and will deliver consistent and precise results.

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Packaging & Labeling

LMI can customize any packaging and shipping solution for both large and small projects from a variety of industries. Bulk package shipping, individual package shipping, and direct shipping, you can trust LMI to get your products in your customer’s hands safely and quickly. Our capabilities include Cell Pack, Bulk Pack, Shrink Wrap, Palletize, VCI Bag Pack, Tape Seal, and more…

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Precision Rework Services

LMI’s effective and efficient rework services are often of great value to our clients, especially when compared to reworking parts in-house or when scrapping may be an alternative. LMI will determine the rework services that are necessary and provide a per piece and/or per project price based on those needs. Our Capabilities Include: hand finishing, thread chasing, deburring, degreasing, adding rust inhibitors and more…

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Warehousing Solutions & Management

LMI provides our customers with warehousing services including both dedicated and contract warehousing. Our services provide efficient storage and eliminate the need for permanent on-site facilities, equipment, and personnel. LMI can work with your team to identify and develop a custom warehousing and distribution program to meet your specific needs.

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Quality in Every Aspect of Trucking and Shipping

LMI trucking, and logistics assets are responsive and flexible enough to meet your specific needs. We work closely with our clients on pickup, shipping, and delivery deadlines. LMI logistic and trucking services include pick up and deliveries, expedite trucking services, milk run, and dedicated and drop and hook shipping. We offer long and short-term contracts anywhere within the state of Michigan. LMI can handle logistic arrangements for less than truckload (LTL) shipping, as well as ocean and air shipping.

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LMI Certifications

LMI has the management and infrastructure to support projects of any size, with the right certifications.
ISO 9001/IATF 16949:2016 | ISO 14001:2015